Our Baby Room 0-2 years

Our babies have their own unit offering a spacious, bright and inviting place for your baby to play and learn.All areas of development are encouraged through providing a range of activities and sensory experiences. We offer an inclusive package for all children under 2 years.

2’s Provision 2-3 years

Our 2’s room is a large open plan room offering a range of activities to keep your little ones engaging in activities. We also have an animal encounter area offering children the experiences to handle and feed the animals. We offer the 15 free hours funded by the government.


Our pre-school room has all areas of continuous provision, enabling children to freely access a range of resources which are enriched around the children’s interests, they have access to the garden at any time of the day. We offer the 15 and 30 hours free funding these are all flexible and with no set sessions allowing you to make the most of your entitlement, they can be extended into the school holiday too!

Holiday Club

we offer holiday club to children aged 4 and up for a great low price of £2.50 per hour, children have plenty of planned activities to keep them busy. We also offer care to children in the holidays that are under 4 years and attending term time settings only.

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